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KR CD Shop with address sm"King's Ransom", the third musical by Clive Nolan, is the next adventure of Professor King and his companions. Set in the Victorian 'Alchemy' universe, the musical is a tale steeped in political intrigue, high emotion and the all-pervasive presence of the supernatural.

Book, lyrics and music by Clive Nolan
With vocal talents of: Clive Nolan, Gemma Ashley, Guy Barnes, Verity White, Robbie Gardner, Chris Longman, Christina Booth, Alan Reed, Chris Lewis, Ross Andrews, Joy-Amy Wigman, Emily Frechter and the Caamora Chorus; and instrumentalists: Clive Nolan, Mark Westwood, Scott Higham, Kylan Amos, Penny Gee and Morten L. Clason.
Album artwork by Mark Buckingham.

Clive Nolan: "It has been several years in the making, but here it is… ‘King’s Ransom’ the musical. To me, this is a great testament to the wonderful singers and musicians I had the pleasure of working with, and a welcome return to the ‘Alchemy’ universe. With this special edition I have tried to provide added insight into the making of this musical which has been such a major part of my life for the last few years. If you like the music I make, then don’t miss out on this one!"

"King's Ransom" Special Edition includes:

CD 1: Act 1
CD 2: Act 2
CD 3: "There's More... Demos and Extras" (featuring original demos and alternative versions of songs from ‘King’s Ransom’)
DVD: "The Making of 'King's Ransom'" (featuring recording footage, interviews and more insights into the creation of the musical)

This pre-order also includes an additional exclusive "King's Ransom" Karaoke CD with backing tracks to selected songs with vocals from the chosen artists – choose your solo, or sing with one of the cast members! (Available with orders made before August 1st).

Intended release: late August 2017.

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Artwork for "King's Ransom" Album Revealed!

Kings Ransom cover finalThe cover for Clive Nolan's forthcoming “King's Ransom” CD has been now finalised. “King's Ransom” special box set, scheduled for release in August 2017, will include exclusive artwork designed by the acclaimed DC Comics artist, Mark Buckingham.

Clive Nolan: "The release of 'King’s Ransom' grows ever closer, and the show is really taking on an identity of its own. This will be an album of terrific vocal and instrumental performances with songs that I hope will stay with you long after the CD stops playing. The wonderful artwork for this musical has been created by Mark Buckingham, which I think gives the album a great atmosphere."







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'King's Ransom' Video Trailers!

KR Trailer 2 phThe year 2017 will see the CD release of Clive Nolan's new musical ‘King’s Ransom’, as well as the theatrical debut of the show in September. Just as exciting as this are the rumours that there might be a feature film version of both ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ some time in the future. This would be in collaboration with filmmaker Neil Monaghan. With this intention in mind, Neil is producing a small series of trailers for the upcoming ‘King’s Ransom’ release and performance.

Clive Nolan: "I'm happy to present "King's Ransom' video trailers! The first one features myslef as Professor King. We gave the second one the title of 'Jeopardy', and it features the characters Eva (Gemma Ashley), Josephine (Verity White), William (Guy Barnes), Roza (Natalie Barnett) and King (that's me again!) Each one of these trailers puts us an inch closer to that feature film plan. Hope you enjoy it!"

Don't forget that tickets are available for 'The Fire and the Quest' weekend, featuring the debut performance of 'King's Ransom'.

Watch 'King's Ransom' trailer 1 HERE
Watch 'King's Ransom' trailer 2 HERE
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'Beyond the Veil 2' Line-up Confirmed!

Theatre Curtain sm'Beyond the Veil 2', the acoustic part of 'The Fire and the Quest 2' festival devoted to Clive Nolan's music, will take place on September 2nd, 2017 at the Cheltenham Playhouse. The concert will feature Clive on keyboards and vocal and his guests from around the world, including the band: Mark Westwood (guitar), Scott Higham (drums) and Kylan Amos (bass), as well as the vocalists: Gabriel Agudo (Argentina), Lucia Cavallini (Uruguay), Elisabeth Syrdahl Ellingsen (Norway), Harriet Müller-Tyl (Norway), Christna Booth, Paul Manzi, Gemma Ashley, Guy Barnes, Verity White, and Agnieszka Swita.

Clive Nolan: “In 2015 our special ‘Beyond the Veil’ acoustic show had a ‘ten year anniversary’ theme to it. Well, this year we are going ‘international’! We have a wonderful line up of singers from across the globe, and I am fascinated to see how various combinations will sound. I will also be welcoming back our musicians, Mark, Scott and Kylan to join me for some added dynamics. This will be a great show. Two years is also plenty of time to have gathered a whole new bag on anecdotes!"

Tickets for 'The Fire and the Quest 2' HERE

The Fire and the Quest 2": "King's Ransom" Cast

KR Cast chThe grand premiere of Clive Nolan's third musical will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse on September 2nd, on the second day of "The Fire and the Quest 2" festival. This full theatrical production, directed by Ian Baldwin, will feature the following cast:

Clive Nolan: Professor Samuel King
Gemma Ashley: Eva Bonaduce
Jamie Anderson: William Gardelle
Verity White: Dr. Josephine Kendrick
Robbie Gardner: Tom Worthy
Chris Longman: Colonel Luther Scovil
Joy-Amy Wigman: Helena Blake
Ian Baldwin: Captain Fergus Maunder
Chris Lewis: Edwin Deeks
Ross Andrews: Jacob Alderdyce
Harrie Thomas: Martha Kitson
Emily Frechter: Paper Boy
Natalie Barnett: Roza Yakovna





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‘King’s Ransom’ Recording Continues!

FQ FINAL OFFICIALClive Nolan: "The Caamora Theatre Company cast is, as we all know, a fluid thing, and with this in mind we have made a few changes to the line up of both the ‘King’s Ransom’ CD and the ‘Fire and the Quest 2’ weekend.

Victoria Bolley is not able to be with us for the next leg of this adventure, so the part of Eva will be going to Gemma Ashley, who will perform on the new CD and also in both ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ at the ‘Fire and the Quest 2’ weekend. In turn, Verity Smith will play the part of Dr. Josephine on both the CD and at the live show.

So, the full and final cast listing for the ‘King’s Ransom’ CD is as follows:

Professor Samuel King – Clive Nolan
Eva Bonaduce – Gemma Ashley
William Gardelle – Guy Barnes
Dr. Josephine Kendrick – Verity Smith
Tom Worthy – Robbie Gardner
Colonel Luther Scovil – Chris Longman
Helena Blake – Christina Booth
Captain Fergus Maunder – Alan Reed
Edwin Deeks – Chris Lewis
Jacob Alderdyce – Ross Andrews
Martha Kitson – Joy-Amy Wigman
Paper Boy – Emily Frechter

Other news and cast listings for the ‘Fire and the Quest 2’ weekend will follow soon."

Artwork by Mark Buckingham


F and Q 2Clive Nolan and the Caamora Theatre Company will return to the Cheltenham Playhouse for the second edition of “The Fire and the Quest”! During the mini festival the audience will be able to see two of Clive’s musicals: ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’, being the next adventure of Professor King and his companions.

Clive: “After the success of the Fire and the Quest 2015, I am happy to announce that the Fire and the Quest will return in 2017. This time round we will be performing ‘Alchemy’ followed by the debut production of ‘King’s Ransom’, which I hope we will also be recording for an official DVD release. Don’t wait to long to book your tickets!”

'The 'Fire and the Quest 2’ will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse at the very start of September 2017, and will be a similar format to the one we did in 2015.

Here is the schedule...
Friday 1st September - 'Alchemy' (directed by Ian Baldwin)
Saturday Afternoon 2nd September - 'Beyond the Veil' (the acoustic show)
Saturday evening 2nd September - debut of 'King's Ransom' (directed by Ian Baldwin)

There will also be some 'extra features' including 'The Victorian Seance' which will take place later on the Friday (where Ross Andrews will be taking us through some of the tricks of the trade that mediums used to use to 'perform' their communications with the spirit world (£15)). This should a lot of fun!

Also for some there will be an option to attend the final dress rehearsal (on Thursday August 31st) of 'King's Ransom' introduced by Clive - This will be a limited number. Please be aware that this rehearsal may consist of stops and starts, as well as the more noticeable presence of cameras and crew. Then there is of course the much enjoyed 'after-party' to round off the weekend.

Work on ‘King’s Ransom’ Continues!

KR artists 1It is a hot time for ‘King’s Ransom’ as the subsequent artists take turn to record their parts at the Thin Ice Studios. But what is the story about? It will be several more months before the final synopsis is revealed… Here is what you may expect…

“King’s Ransom” is a Victorian steampunk adventure steeped in political intrigue, high emotion and the all-pervasive presence of the supernatural… The plot takes place two years after the events of ‘Alchemy’. Professor King embarks upon a new secret mission to save the Prime Minister and to restore order to the British Empire which has been threatened by the treacherous schemes of Colonel Scovil and his ruthless sidekick, Roza, the assassin. King is supported by his faithful companions, William Gardelle and Eva Bonaduce, as well as new and valued allies who dwell in the twilight world of Under London. Even in this troubled and chaotic setting, love manages to thread its way through the hearts of our heroes, but will it survive? This is a journey that takes us from the shadowy tunnels and catacombs below London, through the hurly burly environs of Covent Garden and Hyde Park and on to the shattering finale outside St. Paul’s Cathedral at dawn. In a deadly race to the finish, will King prevail over these dark adversaries, whilst protecting the people he cares about? In King’s Ransom, nothing is certain!

'King's Ransom' Cast Announced!

KR cast news 4It is our great pleasure to announce the cast of Clive Nolan's new musical, 'King's Ransom'. The musical, that takes us back to the universe of Professor King and his companions, is scheduled for release in early 2017. The album will feature 11 principal characters, a chorus and a host of musicians. The recordings have now begun and some musical snippets together with a synopsis of the story will be available soon!

Clive Nolan: "I am proud to present the cast for ‘King’s Ransom’: and what a cast! This is a wonderful gathering of superb talent and I look forward to recording all their vocal work for posterity."

‘Beyond the Veil’ Acoustic Show DVD on Sale Now!

Beyond the veil KR news 3An ‘official bootleg’ DVD of the acoustic show recorded during the ‘Fire and the Quest’ weekend in September 2015, celebrating 10 years of Clive Nolan Musicals is available for sale now!
This show features a wide variety of Clive’s material performed by a stellar cast of singers and musicians.
Clive plays piano, sings and entertains alongside artists including Christina Booth, Alan Reed, Paul Manzi, Chris Lewis, Paul Scott, Agnieszka Swita, Victoria Bolley, Gemma Louise Edwards, Verity Smith, as well as the instrumental talents of Mark Westwood, Scott Higham and Kylan Amos. The cost of the DVD package (full colour cover and 2 DVDs) is £15 and it is available from our ONLINE SHOP! The profits raised from this project will go towards the making of Clive’s third musical ‘King’s Ransom’.

Clive Nolan: “I hope this DVD provides a wonderful memento of that terrific Saturday afternoon concert. I have compiled and edited the show in its entirety, ‘warts and all’, so please be aware there is a lot of chatting and story telling (you can get straight to the songs with the chapter selections). It also needs to be remembered that, sadly, the sound quality is limited because we only had the audio recorded on camera. It was a lot of fun doing this gig, and I really enjoyed working with all these excellent performers.
With the challenges I now face to record the new musical, ‘King’s Ransom’, every sale of this DVD will be a welcome contribution to the cause… Enjoy the show, and thanks in advance!”

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