King's Ransom

“King’s Ransom” is an original story by Clive Nolan, an acclaimed musician and composer known in the field of progressive rock for his work with bands like Arena, Shadowland and Pendragon. Now he has entered the world of musical theatre. Nolan is the author of “She” (2008) and “Alchemy” (2013). “King’s Ransom” is the third show by the composer and another adventure set in the “Alchemy” universe. The CD was released in September 2017. The theatre premiere took place on September 2nd, 2017 at the Cheltenham Playhouse, and was filmed with intention of the future DVD release.

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“King’s Ransom” is a Victorian steampunk adventure steeped in political intrigue, high emotion and the all-pervasive presence of the supernatural…

The plot takes place two years after the events of ‘Alchemy’. Professor King embarks upon a new secret mission to save the Prime Minister and to restore order to the British Empire which has been threatened by the treacherous schemes of Colonel Scovil and his ruthless sidekick, Roza, the assassin. King is supported by his faithful companions, William Gardelle and Eva Bonaduce, as well as new and valued allies who dwell in the twilight world of Under London. Even in this troubled and chaotic setting, love manages to thread its way through the hearts of our heroes, but will it survive?

This is a journey that takes us from the shadowy tunnels and catacombs below London, through the hurly burly environs of Covent Garden and Hyde Park and on to the shattering finale outside St. Paul’s Cathedral at dawn. In a deadly race to the finish, will King prevail over these dark adversaries, whilst protecting the people he cares about?

In King’s Ransom, nothing is certain!





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