KR For Ian poster smClive Nolan: "This is a hard announcement to make, so I will try and be direct. The director of my recent musical shows and my friend Ian Baldwin is extremely ill. This will, at best, be his toughest battle!
Some time ago before he ended up in hospital, when we were all blissfully unaware of the state of his health, Ian and I agreed that all the work that went into the debut stage performance of ‘King’s Ransom’ really deserved more than one performance.
I feel it’s time to make good on that, so I contacted all the cast and crew involved in the recent shows and asked if they would get involved. I received a unanimous ‘YES’… so we are going to do it!
‘King’s Ransom’ will be performed again, according to Ian’s vision of the show, at the Cheltenham Playhouse on Saturday September 8th. We will do this raise money for a plaque, which will become a permanent fixture in the Playhouse Theatre, and any more money raised will go to the Sue Ryder Hospice, which has been so important to Ian in recent weeks. Everyone is working for nothing so, beyond expenses, we hope to raise a decent amount of money.
September 2018 may seem rather a long way away under the circumstances, but it was the earliest date we could pull all the elements together. Whatever the circumstances this show will happen… for Ian.

Why am I telling you this… simple… I want to invite you all to come and see the show next year. If you’ve been before, then please consider coming again. If you didn’t make it this year, then come along and see it. We are doing this to celebrate our friend and our director Ian Baldwin. Please join us. We will perform ‘King’s Ransom’, and there will hopefully be a few surprise extras that evening."

Tickets are available from our web shop HERE
And directly from the Playhouse HERE