F and Q 2Clive Nolan and the Caamora Theatre Company will return to the Cheltenham Playhouse for the second edition of “The Fire and the Quest”! During the mini festival the audience will be able to see two of Clive’s musicals: ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’, being the next adventure of Professor King and his companions.

Clive: “After the success of the Fire and the Quest 2015, I am happy to announce that the Fire and the Quest will return in 2017. This time round we will be performing ‘Alchemy’ followed by the debut production of ‘King’s Ransom’, which I hope we will also be recording for an official DVD release. Don’t wait to long to book your tickets!”

'The 'Fire and the Quest 2’ will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse at the very start of September 2017, and will be a similar format to the one we did in 2015.

Here is the schedule...
Friday 1st September - 'Alchemy' (directed by Ian Baldwin)
Saturday Afternoon 2nd September - 'Beyond the Veil' (the acoustic show)
Saturday evening 2nd September - debut of 'King's Ransom' (directed by Ian Baldwin)

There will also be some 'extra features' including 'The Victorian Seance' which will take place later on the Friday (where Ross Andrews will be taking us through some of the tricks of the trade that mediums used to use to 'perform' their communications with the spirit world (£15)). This should a lot of fun!

Also for some there will be an option to attend the final dress rehearsal (on Thursday August 31st) of 'King's Ransom' introduced by Clive - This will be a limited number. Please be aware that this rehearsal may consist of stops and starts, as well as the more noticeable presence of cameras and crew. Then there is of course the much enjoyed 'after-party' to round off the weekend.

Initially, there will be two types of tickets available for the 'Fire and the Quest 2':

The Golden Ticket - £50
Includes the performances of 'Alchemy' (Friday), 'Beyond the Veil' acoustic show (Saturday), 'King's Ransom' (Saturday) along with the after-party.

The Platinum Ticket - £80 (limited amount… when they are gone, they are gone!)
Includes attendance of the final 'King's Ransom' dress rehearsal (Thursday), 'Alchemy' (Friday), ‘The Victorian Seance' (Friday), ‘Beyond the Veil’ acoustic show' (Saturday), 'King's Ransom' (Saturday) and the after-party.

So... choose your package and be part of the event!
You can buy your tickets from our ONLINE SHOP HERE. We will choose the best available seats in the theatre for you. Tickets will be waiting for collection at the theatre.


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