KR RehearsalsThe rehearsals for the world premiere of Clive Nolan's third musical, “King's Ransom”, are in full swing now. This first theatre production directed by Ian Baldwin and featuring the cast of 13 principals and 12 chorus members will take place on September 2nd at the Cheltenham Playhouse, on the second day of "The Fire and the Quest 2" festival celebrating the music of Clive Nolan.

Clive Nolan: "Rehearsals have been taking place for a while now. It presents a real challenge, piecing together a two hour show like “King’s Ransom”, and there is plenty of mountains to climb. The aims for this musical are higher than ever before, with a lot more emphasis on movement (I won’t say choreography), so in some ways there is so much more to take in! At this stage I can only say that it's looking better every rehearsal. Time to make the scenery I think!"



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